Sunday, November 2, 2008

Immunizers Travel Shots Photo Contest

Just in case you're planning to join the Immunizers Travel Shots Photo Contest, please see the stipulations hereunder:

By entering, any subsequent prize winners agree to allow the free use of their names, photographs and general locations for publicity and news purposes during this and future promotions by Immunizers or any associated or subsidiary company.

Immunizers, Inc. reserves the right to publish all or parts of entries other than the winning entry. Immunizers, Inc. reserves the right to edit entries in its discretion for publication. Entrants will retain copyright in their submitted entries; however, by entering, all entrants give Immunizers, Inc. a worldwide royalty free perpetual licence to edit, publish and use all or segments of each entry in any and all media (including print and online) for publicity and news purposes. In particular, all entrants license Immunizers, Inc. the right to print their entry online and in print.

Full mechanics can be viewed here.

It seem that the organizers of this contest are referring to the Creative Commons (some rights reserved) which allows the organizers to (1) edit (2) re-publish and (3) make a derivative work out of your photo entered.

Prior to licensing your work to Creative Commons, it is advisable to know how CC works. Please refer to the following:
Before Licensing
Baseline Rights

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