Sunday, October 7, 2007

Call for Submission

IPR-Photo is looking for stories related to infringements and copyright violations to be featured in the IPR-Photo Philippines' 'Unite or Die' blog.

Submitted stories should be factual and objective (see: Anton Sheker's post). We hope that through your first-hand account, we can create a better/ heightened awareness of this issues among photographers.

Please submit your stories to:

Your contribution is highly appreciated. Thank you.

IPR-Photo Philippines


Philippinephotographer said...

what is the use of the collection of all this copyright infringement if no action is taken and no support is given to the photographer?

Unite Or Die said...

hi anton,

this is to document copyright violations and infringements in the hope that through those first-hand account, we can raise/heighten awareness among photographers and together, we may find a way to be of help.

sorry, we cannot offer nor promise you an instantaneous solution as of this moment, nor give you false hopes. the group is new and we're trying ourselves to get our plans off the ground. it is our hope, however, that if we can unite ourselves collectively, there is a possibility that things things can be put to a halt.

why are we concerned? because majority of us are photographers too, so your concerns are ours too.

please bear with us.